Twenty-First Suffragettes, Grace Space – Rosekill, Rosendale, NY May 27-30th

MAY 27-30, 2016!21st-suffragettes/bt4lf

We were delighted to be present this year as Grace Exhibition Space celebrated the 15th anniversary of 21st Suffragettes, a seminal Brooklyn-based performance art event originally held in 2001. At the inaugural event, Jill McDermid (Director and Co-Founder of GES) curated and directed 21st Suffragettes, a 72-hour event of works made only by women in the galleries and bars of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, featuring performances at Galapagos Art Space, exhibitions at numerous galleries, DJ’s at a Williamsburg bar and DJ’s and bands at all-nite Rubulad. Participating galleries included: Sideshow, Front Room Gallery, Figureworks, Fish Tank, Roebling Hall, South First, The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center and more.

This past Spring, Grace Exhibition Space once again put a spotlight on works made by women for 21st Suffragettes: Performance Art by Women. This series culminated with the ROSEKILL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND

MAY 27-30, 2016. Artists included: Linda Mary Montano, Martha Wilson, Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens. Marilyn Arsem, Legacy Fatale, Claribel Jolie Pichardo, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Hector Caning, Agrofemme, Ian Deleon, Clara Diamond, Rudi Salpietra, Lital Dotan, Huisi He, and Sindy Butz . . .