Ecosex Symposium

E.A.R.T.H. Lab Presents!

Join us for a multi-disciplinary gathering to explore our relationships with the environment and social justice, engage in human/non-human collaboration, critique ideologies and debate new sexualities. What happens when we posit the Earth as our lover? Let’s examine where our “bodies” end and “nature” begins. 


Everyone is welcome. Symposium is free.

All events take place at the UCSC DARC building. Google map link here. It’s a big campus, be sure to follow our link! You can find everything you’ll need below, but if you have any additional questions, shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.


WHERE: All events are at UCSC in DARC #108 (Digital Arts Research Center), except where noted. 

Wednesday, May 17


Time OFF CAMPUS Pre-Conference Performance Event



Slow Dancing with an Other–Kevin O’Connor, Lori Halliday and horses. A collaboration between horses and humans.  A kind of feeling together in the moment. It was cultivated though practicing two kinds of attentional practices: biodynamic cranial sacral and natural horsemanship. In the intra-acting, the dance emerges.

At: Horse & Heart, 5017 Ironwood Dr. Soquel, Ca.

The Facebook page for the event is here.

Purchase tickets here. Scroll down a bit to see the event ‘Slow Dancing with an Other’.

Students $10, Regular admission $20

Thursday, May 18

At UCSC in DARC #108 (Digital Arts Research Center)

Time  Event
10-10:30 Meet & Greet
Coffee, tea and breakfast nibbles.
10:30-11 Welcome & Introduction 
“Ecosex Art, Theory, Practices, Activism; A Primer.” Annie Sprinkle (Ecosexual artist), and Beth Stephens (artist and UCSC professor)
11-12:30 Keynote: Kim TallBear
“Decolonizing Settler Sexuality.”
 (Professor of Indigenous Studies,University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA) Respondent: Melissa K. Nelson
(Professor, America Indian Studies, San Francisco State University)
12:30-2 Lunch Break
Ambient music and performance. Sarah Frylac: Violin
2-4 Panel & Discussion
Unsettling Our Earthly Pleasures.” Organized by July Cole, with Lehua Taitano, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Natalie Taber and Sarick Matzen.
4-4:30 Break
“Larval Rock Stars”
Ambient Performance with Praba Pilar and Anuj Vaidya
4:30-6:30 Film Screening & Discussion with Donna Haraway and Fabrizio Terranova
“Story Telling for Earthly Survival” is a new documentary feature film about Donna Haraway by Fabrizio Terranova. Donna and Fabrizio will present their film then be in conversation with the audience. (Film is 90 minutes.)
6:30-8 Dinner Break. 

Panel & Discussion

“Tree-huggers Unite!” 

Moderator/Panelist Michael Morris (Visiting Professor, Department of Dance, Denison University.)

Kim Marks (Greenpeace, activist trainer, sexuality shop owner), Stephanie Iris Weiss (Author– EcoSex: Go Green Between the Sheets.) Keith Wilson (filmmaker) will present his new film “The Tree” (15 mins).

Friday, May 19

At UCSC in DARC #108 (Digital Arts Research Center)

Time  Event

Breakfast– Coffee, tea and breakfast nibbles.

Recorder music by Tibia Duo: Tish Berlin & Frances Blaker

Sprinkle & Stephens’ Pollination Pod will be on view throughout the day.

11-12:30 Keynote: Chris Cuomo
“Love and Struggle: Grounding Against Environmental Fatalism”
(Professor from University of Georgia) Respondent: T.J. Demos
(Professor, History of Art and Visual Studies, UCSC)
12:30-2:30 Lunch Break
Got Woodwinds!
Ambient Music–Dylan Bolles

Panel & Discussion

“Bees, Bathhouses & Beyond” 

Moderator/Panelist Luke Dixon (Theater Nomad Director and Urban Beekeeper, London, UK)
Loren Kronemyer (Australian Artist, creator of the “Ecosex Bathhouse”),  Joe Dumit (Chair of Performance Studies UCD) “Substances,” Tanya Augsburg (Professor SF State University)

4-4:30 Break
Animal Performativity Ambient Performance by J Dellecave & Cleo Woelfle-Erskine
4:30-5 Performance
Animal Performativity by J Dellecave & Cleo Woelfle-Erskine
5-6:30 Panel
“Academic Freedom In An Ecosexphobic World.” 
Moderated by Judy Meath (Producer) Buddah Jack (Professor Santa Monica College), Kim Russo (Painter, Scholar), Beth Stephens (UCSC Professor) and Lisa Rofel (Anthropologist, UCSC Professor). 
6:30-8 Dinner Break
8-9 Community Open Mike
Hosted by Michael Morris (Dancer, Scholar, Teacher). Any and all attendees that want to can speak, perform, announce, comment, etc., for five minutes. 
9-11 Performances and Post-Conference Afterglow
Emcee–QuosmosPerformances by Luke Dixon (Beekeeper, Theater Nomad Director, from England), Dylan Bolles (musician), Tessa Wills (performance artist and producer), Kim Tallbear (scholar), Chris Cuomo (Eco-feminist musician), Xandra Coe (producer), Lady Monster (eco-burlesque queen, Betty Grumble (performance artist, Austrailia).

Saturday, May 20



Gather: Noon

Readings 1 to 1:30 Hangout until 2

 Off Campus Book Launch Event and a Reading

At: Pure Pleasure–111 Cooper Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831.466.9870

Come celebrate an ecosexy new book, “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm—For Every Body” with authors Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

Book launch with performative readings by the authors; Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. Plus readings by their Ecosexy Orgasmanaut Friends.

There’s an eXciting new book in town, and it’s all about orgasm! Learn the fascinating history of orgasm research, the new definition of orgasm, and seven keys to a more mind-blowing blast off. Experiment with breath and energy orgasms, orgasmic states, dreamgasms, nipplegasms, crygasms, minigasms, megagasms and moregasms. Discover the difference between an orgasm and a climax, and how to extend your afterglow.

The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm will be available for purchase at this event.  Have yours signed by the authors!

“Planet Orgasm; super smart sex ed for badass Earthlings and it’s my new orgasm bible!”  Peaches, Musician


Food available for purchase around campus, or feel free to bring your own.


There is a fee to park in the UCSC parking lot. Our beloved parking enforcement team is extremely vigilant. Please follow the link here to avoid an expensive ticket.  


We want you to be warm, comfortable, and cozy. Here are some places to stay:

Camping: The Redwood Resort has free camping for symposium participants and their close guests. This includes shower and restroom facilities. They’re great friends of Annie and Beth, and are co-sponsoring this event! Please keep in mind that they’re a 40 minute drive from UCSC. The map link is here. If you want to use this option, please contact Beth Stephens

Hostels: There are lots of options here.

Hotels: A list of all hotels in Santa Cruz can be found here.

We love staying at The Ocean Pacific Lodge. We’ve had a great time there in the past, and it’s a nice mid-priced hotel. A google map is here. For a high end experience, we recommend the Dream Inn. Their location is right next to the ocean, with incredible views.

Heartfelt thanks to our friends and sponsors

Dean’s Fund for Excellence, UCSC Office of Research

Shelly Errington and Nada Miljkovic for being amazing hosts.